The Vortex Technologies & Engineering GmbH company was founded in Germany on the initiative and with the participation of Doctor of Technical Sciences, designer and author of a number of patented models of disintegrators and vortex methods of grinding various materials, Mr. Viktor Shostak. Over the 30 years preceding the opening of the company, he developed a wide range of efficient and ergonomic devices and lines for micronizing materials, grinding and separating powders, their activation and synthesis of complex compositions.
The accumulated experience and hardware provided the basis for the activities of Vortex Technologies & Engineering GmbH and promising applied areas in various industries - from grinding superhard materials to micronization and activation of polymers, carbon structures, biomass and phyto-raw materials.
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Cooperation of Vortex Technologies & Engineering GmbH with the Swiss private institute TORtec Forschungsinsitut GmbH allowed to create the latest applied technologies in the complex processing of mineral raw materials, in the enrichment of ores and man-made accumulations, all types of plant raw materials and agricultural waste, in the creation of new materials and composites and materials with new properties.
Our company is open to cooperation in the commercialization of the newest technologies and promotes innovative projects in engineering and hardware for the most daring ideas with its unconventional approach to solving the tasks.
Examples of our work can be found in the Portfolio section of our website.
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