The investment value of the first phase
of the project amounts to US $ 10,000,000
Vortex Technologies & Engineering GmbH is organized as an SPV (project company) in Germany, on the balance sheet of which an investment project is being carried out to create an industrial plant for the production of specialized installations for gas-dynamic resonant disintegration of materials with the conventional name "TORNADO" for applied applications in various industries. The planned capacity of the first phase of the project in 2019 is of 100 “Tornado” units per year with the additional equipment. Vortex plant in the USA - 100 units/year
Project initiator

"VORTEX" Plant
main characteristics

The area of ​​production area is 1300 sq.m.
Performance - 100 Tornado installations of various models per year, of which 60 are stationary and 40 mobile.
The amount of realization is about 100 ml. US dollars per year, of which non-standard and auxiliary equipment for 20 ml. US dollars.
The total investment requirement is 10 ml. US dollars, of which 7.6 million US dollars for fixed assets.
The plant is located in Germany.
The factory is completed by orders for 80%.
The term of recruitment and start of production is 8 months.
The number of employees is 26 people, including engineering and technical personnel 18.
Subdivisions: engineering design bureau, production (plant), technical control department, laboratory, marketing department, automation and control systems department, test site, logistics department, compressor shop.

Main shops

The plant is equipped with the most up-to-date equipment

Vertical milling machining center
Laser cutting machine
Coordinate-piercing press
Coordinate drilling machine
Bending press
EOS, 3D printers for metal
Hot isostatic Pressing (HIP)
Surface spraying with carbides